Kryon Berlin Tour & Seminar - Berlin, Germany, Sept 17-22 2019 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll)

Kryon Berlin Tour & Seminar - Berlin, Germany, Sept 17-22 2019 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll)
30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Council of Europe (CoE) - European Human Rights Court - founding fathers (1949)

Council of Europe (CoE) - European Human Rights Court - founding fathers (1949)
French National Assembly head Edouard Herriot and British Foreign minister Ernest Bevin surrounded by Italian, Luxembourg and other delegates at the first meeting of Council of Europe's Consultative Assembly in Strasbourg, August 1949 (AFP Photo)

EU founding fathers signed 'blank' Treaty of Rome (1957)

EU founding fathers signed 'blank' Treaty of Rome (1957)
The Treaty of Rome was signed in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, one of the Renaissance palaces that line the Michelangelo-designed Capitoline Square in the Italian capital

Shuttered: EU ditches summit 'family photo'

Shuttered: EU ditches summit 'family photo'
EU leaders pose for a family photo during the European Summit at the EU headquarters in Brussels on June 28, 2016 (AFP Photo/JOHN THYS)

European Political Community

European Political Community
Given a rather unclear agenda, the family photo looked set to become a highlight of the meeting bringing together EU leaders alongside those of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Britain, Kosovo, Switzerland and Turkey © Ludovic MARIN

Merkel says fall of Wall proves 'dreams can come true'

“ … Here is another one. A change in what Human nature will allow for government. "Careful, Kryon, don't talk about politics. You'll get in trouble." I won't get in trouble. I'm going to tell you to watch for leadership that cares about you. "You mean politics is going to change?" It already has. It's beginning. Watch for it. You're going to see a total phase-out of old energy dictatorships eventually. The potential is that you're going to see that before 2013. They're going to fall over, you know, because the energy of the population will not sustain an old energy leader ..."
"Update on Current Events" – Jul 23, 2011 (Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll) - (Subjects: The Humanization of God, Gaia, Shift of Human Consciousness, 2012, Benevolent Design, Financial Institutes (Recession, System to Change ...), Water Cycle (Heat up, Mini Ice Ace, Oceans, Fish, Earthquakes ..), Nuclear Power Revealed, Geothermal Power, Hydro Power, Drinking Water from Seawater, No need for Oil as Much, Middle East in Peace, Persia/Iran Uprising, Muhammad, Israel, DNA, Two Dictators to fall soon, Africa, China, (Old) Souls, Species to go, Whales to Humans, Global Unity,..... etc.)
(Subjects: Who/What is Kryon ?, Egypt Uprising, Iran/Persia Uprising, Peace in Middle East without Israel actively involved, Muhammad, "Conceptual" Youth Revolution, "Conceptual" Managed Business, Internet, Social Media, News Media, Google, Bankers, Global Unity,..... etc.)

"The Recalibration of Awareness – Apr 20/21, 2012 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Old Energy, Recalibration Lectures, God / Creator, Religions/Spiritual systems (Catholic Church, Priests/Nun’s, Worship, John Paul Pope, Women in the Church otherwise church will go, Current Pope won’t do it), Middle East, Jews, Governments will change (Internet, Media, Democracies, Dictators, North Korea, Nations voted at once), Integrity (Businesses, Tobacco Companies, Bankers/ Financial Institutes, Pharmaceutical company to collapse), Illuminati (Started in Greece, with Shipping, Financial markets, Stock markets, Pharmaceutical money (fund to build Africa, to develop)), Shift of Human Consciousness, (Old) Souls, Women, Masters to/already come back, Global Unity.... etc.) - (Text version)

… The Shift in Human Nature

You're starting to see integrity change. Awareness recalibrates integrity, and the Human Being who would sit there and take advantage of another Human Being in an old energy would never do it in a new energy. The reason? It will become intuitive, so this is a shift in Human Nature as well, for in the past you have assumed that people take advantage of people first and integrity comes later. That's just ordinary Human nature.

In the past, Human nature expressed within governments worked like this: If you were stronger than the other one, you simply conquered them. If you were strong, it was an invitation to conquer. If you were weak, it was an invitation to be conquered. No one even thought about it. It was the way of things. The bigger you could have your armies, the better they would do when you sent them out to conquer. That's not how you think today. Did you notice?

Any country that thinks this way today will not survive, for humanity has discovered that the world goes far better by putting things together instead of tearing them apart. The new energy puts the weak and strong together in ways that make sense and that have integrity. Take a look at what happened to some of the businesses in this great land (USA). Up to 30 years ago, when you started realizing some of them didn't have integrity, you eliminated them. What happened to the tobacco companies when you realized they were knowingly addicting your children? Today, they still sell their products to less-aware countries, but that will also change.

What did you do a few years ago when you realized that your bankers were actually selling you homes that they knew you couldn't pay for later? They were walking away, smiling greedily, not thinking about the heartbreak that was to follow when a life's dream would be lost. Dear American, you are in a recession. However, this is like when you prune a tree and cut back the branches. When the tree grows back, you've got control and the branches will grow bigger and stronger than they were before, without the greed factor. Then, if you don't like the way it grows back, you'll prune it again! I tell you this because awareness is now in control of big money. It's right before your eyes, what you're doing. But fear often rules. …

Monday, May 7, 2018

Putin sworn in for fourth term as Russian president

Yahoo – AFP, Ola CICHOWLAS, May 7, 2018

Russian president Vladimir Putin has been in power since 1999 (AFP Photo/
Alexander Zemlianichenko)

Moscow (AFP) - Vladimir Putin was sworn in as Russia's president for a fourth term on Monday, extending his almost two-decade rule by another six years at a time of high tension with his Western rivals.

The 65-year-old, in power since 1999, is on course to become the longest-serving Russian leader since Joseph Stalin after his victory in March elections.

Putin won nearly 77 percent of the vote in polls in which his most vocal opponent, Alexei Navalny, was banned from running.

He has promised to use his fourth term to revitalise the economy. But he also faces a host of thorny international disputes.

"I consider it my duty and my life's aim to do everything possible for Russia, for its present and for its future," Putin said at Monday's swearing-in ceremony, with his hand on the Russian constitution.

US President Donald Trump congratulated the Kremlin strongman, with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders telling reporters in Washington that Trump "looks forward to a time when we can hopefully have a good relationship with Russia.

"However, the United States believes that everyone has a right to be heard and assemble peacefully," she said.

Putin said he was conscious of the 'colossal responsibility' of leading Russia 
(AFP Photo/Alexey NIKOLSKY)

Several thousand guests lined the red carpet in Moscow and filmed Putin on their smartphones as he arrived for the ceremony in the ornate Andreyev Hall, part of the Kremlin palace complex.

Among them were US action star Steven Seagal, who has taken Russian citizenship, as well as former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Naina Yeltsina, the widow of Putin's late predecessor Boris Yeltsin.

Putin was driven to the inauguration in a black Russian-made limousine -- a change from previous ceremonies when he used a German Mercedes.

"I feel strongly conscious of my colossal responsibility," he said, thanking Russians for their "sincere support" and "cohesiveness".

"We have revived pride in our fatherland," Putin said. "As head of state I will do all I can to multiply the strength, prosperity and fame of Russia."

Shortly after the ceremony, Putin asked parliament to back a new mandate for outgoing prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, his longtime ally.

The European Union accused Russian police of brutality and mass arrests in 
cracking down on anti-Putin protests (AFP Photo/Maxim ZMEYEV)

Crackdown on opposition

Navalny on Monday reposted a 2017 video into the prime minister's alleged wealth that led to nationwide protests last year.

On Saturday, nearly 1,600 protesters including Navalny were detained during nationwide rallies against Putin under the slogan "Not Our Tsar".

The opposition figure, who was barred from challenging Putin in the March election, has been released pending a court hearing.

The unrest revived memories of 2012, when authorities cracked down on rallies against Putin's return to the Kremlin after a stint as prime minister.

Strained ties with West

Russia's ties with the West have been strained by Putin's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine and his military campaign in Syria in support of longtime Russian ally President Bashar al-Assad.

Vladimir Putin's last term was marked by his interventions in Ukraine and 
Syria (AFP Photo/Vincent LEFAI)

In recent months relations have soured further over accusations of the poisoning of an ex-spy in Britain and of election meddling in the United States.

"For Putin any concession is a sign of weakness, so there shouldn't be any expectation of a change in foreign policy," said Konstantin Kalachev, the head of the Political Expert Group think tank in Moscow.

The constitution bars Putin from running again when his fourth term ends in 2024. But he has remained silent on the issue of his succession.

Economic woes

Putin has promised to use his fourth term to improve Russians' standard of living.

"People will live better," he said.

Hours after the inauguration ceremony, Putin issued a decree setting targets for his next six years in power. These included halving Russia's poverty rate, increasing pensions and boosting the average life expectancy to 78 by 2024.

A new poll by Russia's independent Levada Center found that while the majority of Russians support Putin's foreign policy, the main complaints are over the economy.

The survey showed 45 percent of Russians believe Putin has been unable to achieve a "fair distribution" of state revenues to benefit ordinary people.

Russian businesses are expecting wide-ranging reforms to the government's heavily bureaucratised system.

According to statistics published in the RBC newspaper on Monday, the number of bureaucrats during Putin's third term rose by 50 percent, from 1.57 million to 2.17 million.

Putin has struggled to revive an economy that was hit hard by the Western sanctions over Crimea and a fall in global oil prices.

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